Please meet our team of professionals:

Iveta Kalniņa, Chairperson of the Board:

Iveta KalniņaI am the Chairperson of the Board and very happy to be in charge of a company that provides financial services to regional and international companies.
I started my educational life in Engineering and Construction. When Latvia gained independence I re-focused my career and began to work in the field of accountancy and financial management. I worked as the Chief Accountant for Auto Riga Ltd for 8 years (a company which specialises in the buying, selling and leasing of vehicles in Latvia and other countries). I learned quick about international trade and finance.
Then I became Chief Accountant of the BMGS Company, which deals with construction services in the Baltic States and Russia. So I saw both sides of the financial world - east and west.
During this time I also gained internationally-recognised qualification in accounting, auditing and taxation.
I have studied programmes organised by international financial companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. and have updated my knowledge through international associations and examination bodies.
I work with Navision Axapta and Uvis (Horizon Start) computer programs.
I am fluent in Latvian - of course, Russian and English.
English knowledge is another skill which gives our company a continuing competitive edge!

Irēna Logina, Chief Accountant:



Irena Logina since February 2008 I am working as the Chief Accountant of Accuratio Ltd.
I also advise beneficiaries of EU Structural Funds projects. I have also studied Economics.
I have worked for the State Revenue Service and the State Treasury in the Internal Audit Department in Latvia.
I was Deputy Chief Accountant for the Virši-a Joint Stock Company for 10 years - from 1995 to 2005.
I work the Uvis (Horizon Start), and SolCraft (FinaWin) computer programs. 



Agnese Brīvība, Accountant:

Agnese Brīvība



I graduated the University of Latvia with a bachelors degree in Economics, with particular emphasis on Management Accountancy.

Im working here since February 2007; I enjoy it and I am learning alot by really helping our Customers.

I am familiar with the Uvis (Horizon Start) computer program.




Gita Holmeistere, Accountant:


I graduated the University of Latvia in 1980 with a degree in Economics; I specialised in Statistics.
Since February 2007 I am working as an Accountant of Accuratio Ltd. I worked as an Economist of the Jumava Publishing House and as an Auditor of the Jumava Bookshop for 7 years. I worked as Accountant of Liduga Ltd. for 4 years and for 4 years as an Economist of Euroskor Latvija, a Latvian - Sweden Joint Venture.
I am familiar with Tildes Jumis, Uvis (Horizon Start) and Hansa Financial computer programs.
I regularly attend different courses on financial and economic management of companies, document management, project management and practical aspects of salary calculations etc.



Ieva Ruņģe, Accountant / Office Administrator


I am a Wellness and SPA service design management master student in University of Tartu. I have graduated Riga Stradiņš University with the bachelor degree in Business management, specialization in small and medium business management.
I have been working as office administrator, advert and subscription manager of Nodibinājums Sporta Apgāda fonds for 4.5 years.
Since January 2010 I am working as accounting assistant and marketing manager of Accuratio Ltd.
I am familiar with Zalktis, Tildes Jumis, Uvis (Horizon Start) computer programs.
My mother tongue is Latvia, I am fluent in English. I have basic knowledge in Spanish and German.



Daiga Ābola, Accountant



Since July 2011 I am working as an Accountant of Accuratio Ltd.
I gained a Masters degree from the University of Latvia.
I have also engineer technologist qualification from the Latvia University of Agriculture. Four years I have worked for the commercial Self-Governing enterprise as Accountant.
I am familiar with Uvis (Horizon Start (Horizon Start) computer program.