Accuratio Ltd was founded on 7 February 2007. Since that time we have doubled our net turnover, thanks to job we made for our Customers, which they evaluated.

We started our activities and still maintain them in the fields of:
- Construction
- Trade and commerce
- Production
- Real estate
- Intermediary services
- EU Structural Funds
- The export of goods, acquisition and delivery of goods from companies registered in EU Member states
- Services with companies registered in EU Member states

Our financial accountancy programme
We use the Uvis (Horizon Start) computer programme for financial and tax accounting.

Our partners
We collaborate in financial and tax accountancy issues with Potapovia & Andersone Ltd. who provide audit and taxation consultancy services.

Our customers
We currently deal with customers from the sectors of:
- road design and construction project management
- transport services rentals
- management and consultancy of EU Structural Funds
- real estate
- ship and cargo intermediary services
- clothes design and manufacture.