Our specific services

We guarantee to help you with your particular challenges or difficulties in:
- the production of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow information
- preparing all tax declarations and management accountancy demands
- the drawing up of annual financial and consolidated annual reports
- management accounting
- managing financial projections and budgets for E.U. Structural Fund projects
- the effective calculation of tax payments of employees to minimise the burden of taxation
- the maintenance and upkeeping of on-going financial record-keeping
- understanding specific legal, financial and taxation requirements
- the preparation of financial reports for foreign (outside the Baltic States) subsidiary companies based in the Baltics, including tax declarations etc.
- the compilation of all necessary financial documentation for any company based in Latvia.

Rest assured that all our financial services comply with the necessary laws related to the particular country concerned.
Remember also, that if you need translations of texts from a mother tongue to English, German, Russian or Latvian we can provide it. It is another benefit of our ustomers!